Taxpayers remain responsible for their tax affairs

Author: Amanda Visser
16 July 2018

Several taxpayers have in recent times learnt the hard way that they ultimately remain responsible for their tax affairs. They have been named and shamed and fined for not filing their tax returns, in many inst...

Another reason to submit your tax return

Author: Jean Du Doit
12 July 2018

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has created some nervousness in the South African tax base by embarking on an initiative to criminally prosecute taxpayers who fail to submit their tax returns....

Who's legally allowed to file a tax return

Author: ICBA
June 21, 2018

Tax isn’t the easiest of subjects to navigate. Besides the long list of legalese to master, there’s the fact that tax legislation evolves year on year. What was applicable on your tax return 2 or 3 years ago, i...

Bookkeeper or Accountant. How to decide ?

Author: Fin24 / Pieter Scholtz
April 22, 2016

Not only does it keep you out of trouble with the taxman, but good accounting gives you a picture of how you are doing and allows you to track trends and make business decisions....